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As more and more organisations today are adopting private cloud automation, the ability to create VMs on the fly can mean better efficiency, but it can also create havoc on your backups and lead to misallocation of contended resources. To ensure that VMs are protected and that DR strategies are properly adhered to, admins need to look at solutions that will enable them to protect their VMs from deployment to decommissioning.

In this free webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Take full advantage of the scripting capability of your backup solution and introduce a policy to existing and new VMs
  • Enforce backup options from the point of VM creation and decommissioning
  • Let the owners responsible for VMs decide what backup frequency they would like and enable those that need it to backup on demand
  • Capture all the costs associated with your VM including backup costs
  • See how you can report on VMs by any criteria you like including backup
  • Allow application owners to view relevant backup information, last backup, success, schedule etc.
Bernd Harzog
Cloud Analyst
The Virtualization Practice

Jay Litkey

CEO, Embotics